About Voieces

A few years ago I quit my job, sold my possessions and went travelling for a year. One day I found myself hitchhiking through New Zealand with a ukulele in my hand. As I waited for cars to pick me up, I started writing songs about what was going on in my head – what’s my place in this big world? What makes me happy? How can I positively affect people and change things? Where is my next meal coming from? After a year of wandering, busking, joining random bands and selling all my posessions again, I eventually made it home to Canada and started recording my album Reception.

Over the next 3 years I put myself to work recording guitar, bass, voice and drums. I learned how to record and produce as I went and made a ton of mistakes along the way. The end product is perfectly imperfect, and I hope you really like it.

Since finishing Reception I’ve formed a band to play my music live and started recording my second album. I hope to share those vibes with you soon too!

-=Infinite Peace & Love=-