November 19, 2016

Recently I’ve been looking at ways to stay motivated to continue producing art and somehow managing to make money while doing so. I’ve watched videos on procrastination, inspiration, building your business. My conclusion – just fucking do it! The key isn’t waiting for the perfect time or the perfect mood, it’s to just fucking do it. And there will always be that temptation in the back (or front) of your mind saying – it’s ok, you’re tired. Just sit around and watch celebrity roast videos all day and you’ll feel great. These are the moments where I remember my training in sports – keep pushing through when your body wants you to quit. The rewards of this are massive. You start training your mind and body that it is capable of more than it believes. You also, as Brian Tracey would say, build your reputation with yourself. When you see yourself pushing your boundaries and completing projects, you start to respect yourself more and this starts a cycle of beliefs guiding your actions in a positive manner.
Seth Godin recommends posting to your blog every day. So I’m going to start doing that. They won’t all be great, but they’ll be mine and they’ll be honest. I’m not too tired or too much of a perfectionist to post. I’M JUST GONNA FUCKING DO IT!
I’ve reached a new perspective with the creation of my album – I don’t need it to be perfect, I just need it to be done. So I’m going to finish it by December 1st – NO MATTER WHAT. It’s only a demo, so I don’t need everything to be perfect. I just need it to represent what I want my full professional album to sound like. So this is my vow to you, readers of this message. I will finish my demo album by the end of the day November 30th.
This is what’s inspiring me lately:

Elizabeth Gilbert
Seth Godin
Brian Tracey
Alan Watts
Tim Urban